Iowa State football: DeVondrick Nealy noise arrest downgraded


Iowa State running back DeVondrick Nealy’s arrest back on VEISHEA week has been downgraded from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction.

Nealy was arrested back on April 9th because he refused to turn down the loud music in his car. Police pulled him over once and then when he was unwilling to turn it down, they pulled him over again to arrest him.

Bobby La Gesse of the Ames Tribune gives us the details from the Story County court.

"The case was changed to a civil infraction on May 28 and Nealy paid a $50 fine and $85 in court fees on Monday, according to court records. Nealy was originally cited by Ames police for playing music too loud in his car at 2400 Chamberlain Street on April 9. The case is now considered closed."

VEISHEA was a pretty disastrous week for Iowa State’s image and some of his players, but this one was just plain dumb. At least Nealy doesn’t have to pay as much for this compared to a misdemeanor.

Nealy is expected to play a big role at running back alongside Aaron Wimberly. The tandem had promising moments at a position that really disappointed last season because the seniors were never able to get it going consistently.