Paul Rhoads, Kirk Ferentz tagged as ‘most overpaid college football coaches’


An article from Sports Answers that lists the top 10 most overpaid coaches in college football is trending, and it lists both Iowa coaches in the mix.

There’s no preface in the article that says this is a ranking list, so we’ll go into it assuming that all 10 of these guys are piled in the same category.

Multiple slides give information, so let’s break down everything whoever the person that wrote this thing wrote.

"We’ll give Rhoads some credit. He’s good at one thing; giving locker room speeches. He’s just not that good at being a head coach."

Bonus points for not misspelling it as “Rhodes.” Now that the first jab is delivered, let’s see what this guy/gal backs up this generic statement with.

"Iowa State is a lousy football program, but Rhoads isn’t doing anything to improve the on-field quality. Iowa State football attendance has increased and revenue is up."

I let the semicolon go in the first paragraph, but I’m not letting this grammar continue. This person is referring to ISU already having a terrible program, “but” Rhoads is not doing anything to help its cause.

And yet, this person includes two positives — better attendance and revenue — which apparently doesn’t deserve him getting paid the amount of “$1.8 million.” I don’t know if that amount reflects his contract or per year, because the article just puts it in parenthesis by his name.

"But in terms of wins and losses, this guy simply isn’t getting the job done and he probably never will."

Yup. Despite heading to three bowls under Rhoads, which only Dan McCarney has led this prestigious program to more in his tenure and Iowa State went to just four total before those two guys, just looking at the 27-36 justifies it enough to label Rhoads as the most overpaid head coach.

The article blasts Ferentz, listing off all the accomplishments he’s done but since 2010, they’ve had “no Top 25 finishes and no 9-win seasons” and making $4 million per year “simply isn’t acceptable.” That recap actually made it sound better than the actual presentation.

Some of the other head coaches include Tennessee’s Butch Jones, Florida’s Will Muschamp, and USC’s Steve Sarkisian (who hasn’t completed a season with the Trojans yet).

All of the slides are filled with generic facts and opinion that probably took all of five minutes to compile. A disaster of epic proportions.

Since apparently Answers, the company, talked about how overpaid Rhoads and Ferentz are, I decided to give a quick review on Answers and how it’s overrated.

Why Answers is overrated

  • I asked who Answers thinks will win the 2014 NBA Finals and the first thing that comes up is the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Answers also doesn’t know what happens at the end of “How I Met Your Mother” even though the show’s been over since March.
  • Therefore I think is overrated and Google will continue to make it irrelevant.

There, Answers. Can I get a gig at your sports page now?

Never mind.