Everybody packed Jack Trice Stadium to watch ‘Frozen’


On Saturday, the Jr. Cyclone Club held the second annual movie night at Jack Trice Stadium, and the field didn’t hold this many people at once since Iowa State took down second-ranked Oklahoma State.

Temperatures would eventually dip down in the low 50s in Ames, but that didn’t stop people from packing the Jack to watch Frozen at 7:00 PM last night.

An elevated picture inside the stadium was posted by Iowa State Athletics’ Twitter account, and it looks down at the humongous mass of people that watched the movie together. It was a viral sensation that garnered over 300 retweets and 450 favorites.

Again, the field hasn’t seen that kind of mobbing on the field since the Cyclones halted the Cowboy’s chances at getting into a national championship. ISU won 37-31 in double overtime, its best victory in the history of the football program.

Last year, the event debuted and they showed the movie, Wreck-it Ralph.

The event was completely free, so why not take advantage of it? Despite being a little chilly, the weather was perfect and it’s a great way to get some use out of that expensive big screen at the stadium.

Now the only question that remains is if they’ll play two movies at the same time when the next big screen is built.