Former Iowa basketball player Zach McCabe faces assault charge


Zach McCabe, former men’s basketball player of Iowa State’s in-state rivals, was arrested late Thursday night at a local bar after assaulting a man.

The Iowa Hawkeye basketball star, who told all the fans to “suck a fat one” after they continued to harass him on Twitter during their late season freefall, isn’t doing much to improve his image. The Gazette reports that the victim was trying to break up an argument and between McCabe and a woman, then McCabe kept it real.

"According to Iowa City Police, at around 12:10 a.m. Friday, McCabe allegedly punched a man in the face, causing a cut and swelling. The police officer obtained security video that showed McCabe and a female arguing. The alleged victim tried to separate McCabe from the female before McCabe punched him. After the man fell the ground, McCabe then blew him a kiss and walked out of the door."

McCabe was thinking about playing football for the Hawkeyes this fall, but that’s definitely placed in jeopardy after these events. Plus, I’m sure fans wouldn’t want him screwing up the upcoming football season too. Right guys?

It’s interesting. For the Cyclones to get a reputation of recruiting “transfer thugs,” they certainly haven’t been punching anyone in bars.