Jeremiah George signs with the New York Jets


Former Iowa State linebacker Jeremiah George makes it past the first hurdle in getting into the NFL after officially signing with the New York Jets.

The report was posted earlier Thursday on the New York Jets’ official team website.

Head coach Rex Ryan discussed in the report how George’s versatility in playing at multiple positions will help out the team next year. A similar defender, Nick Bellore, ended up having a lot of playing time backing up both the “Mike” and “Will” positions, and ideally George would be there to aid the depth.

"“So here, Jeremiah fits a role. We’ll try to teach him both. We’ll flip both those guys. That’s what you want to have, that kind of flexibility. We love the fact that he’s a run/hit guy, loves to play. He’s got great passion for the game. You mentioned the production. We saw all that. We really like him. We think he’s a Jet. We’ll put him at both spots and maybe switch days where Nick’s the Mike one day, maybe just flip them and so forth to make sure they have this whole thing down.”"

The Jets already have a plan in place for George, which is an extremely encouraging sign. There was such a large jump in production from year to year when George played with the Cyclones. Along with Jacques Washington, they made all the plays they could and spent a lot of time on the field thanks to continuing offensive struggles throughout the season.

In the end, it may have made George better. He was able to showcase his talents to NFL scouts and he should only improve as he gets older and stronger.