Fred Hoiberg: Iowa State, Ames features ‘stuff you can’t replace’


I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of Fred Hoiberg in the NBA coaching rumor mill, so Iowa State’s head coach reiterates his passion to stay with the Cyclones.

Hoiberg discussed in an interview with the Omaha World-Herald that Iowa State and the Ames community simply has “stuff you can’t replace.”

"I love it in Ames, we’re very happy there. That’s a very unique experience. My parents can spend time with my kids any day of the week. That’s just stuff you can’t replace.I guess it’s a little bit flattering to hear your name at that level. My front-office experience, my experience as a player is maybe the reason why, but we’re very happy in Ames."

Almost anywhere there’s a coaching vacancy in the NBA, Hoiberg’s name has appeared. Finally, some of the NBA and national media are starting to figure it out. Minnesota Timberwolves GM Flip Saunders was ahead of the curve weeks ago saying that Hoiberg isn’t leaving, at that was a job with the highest potential for Hoiberg to jump early with his previous history of working in their front office.

Every other NBA team can pick up a waiting ticket and sit on a cold folding chair in a cold room with a loud, screaming baby. When your number appears, we’ll call you.

That doesn’t mean Hoiberg isn’t paying attention to the NBA. He’s reportedly watching the games religiously and taking notes for how he wants to implement his offense.

At Iowa State for life? I have my doubts, but for the foreseeable future? You bet.

Other notes in Hoiberg’s interview: He discussed Connecticut’s championship, pointing out that controlling tempo and having solid guard play are two of the most important things in winning it all.

He also thinks the San Antonio Spurs has the best chance to stop the Miami Heat, that college basketball should have a shortened shot clock (all the way 18 even, but he expects it to be 30), and on dancing after the North Carolina win:

"The important thing was I got to embarrass my kid, so I accomplished what I needed to. [OWH]"