Big 12 becomes spotlight conference again with Myles Turner headed to Texas


Texas Longhorns got a big recruit today when in-state prospect Myles Turner picked them over the Kansas Jayhawks. Either way, it looks like the Big 12 will be the strongest conference again next season.

ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla points to last season’s late pick-ups with the conference, that being the biggest reason why it was the toughest conference in the nation last season.

Even with the pickup, Fraschilla still believes that the Kansas Jayhawks will be the favorite next season, because of course they’ll always be loaded with top talent.

But Turner is the 7-foot center that’s a big threat from 3-point range. He joins Jordan Barnett as two players in ESPN’s top 100 for this upcoming season.

So far, the Longhorns are the lottery winner this year reeling in one of the best recruits of the season. Iowa State may not be getting the hot new players that are looking at being one-and-done, but they have picked up their “next DeAndre Kane” with Bryce Dejean-Jones.

Who knows what will happen in the upcoming months with transfers. More players will be looking into the Cyclones this weekend, but they won’t have an immediate impact, having to wait until 2015 if they do pick Iowa State.

Even so, that just adds more fuel for how star-studded this conference could be in the future. There’s no signs of slowing down for the Big 12.