Iowa State high school prom: Paul Rhoads’ son asks Fred Hoiberg’s daughter to go with him (VIDEO)


For us guys, there’s a lot of pressure to ask a girl out to prom when we’re barely old enough to drive. Especially asking the daughter of a head coach, who could give off the most intimidation of any kind of dad, painting a picture of that classic Hollywood scene where dude waits for the girl to come down the stairs as her dad is grilling into the poor boy.

However, this story that deals with parents that have strong ties with the Iowa State Cyclones, that’s simply not the case. Plus it helps when said dude’s dad is a football head coach.

Paul Rhoads’ son, Wyatt, took the plunge and asked Fred Hoiberg’s daughter, Paige, to go to prom with him at Gilbert High School near Ames, Iowa. He did so by constructing one of the ever-popular video “promposals” and posting it on YouTube.

The tune is to “Hey There Delilah” from the Plain White T’s, and Hoiberg told the Des Moines Register that he picked the song because it was the first to come up on Pandora while on spring break. Obviously, he wasn’t actually playing the song on the guitar, and he won’t be auditioning for American Idol anytime soon, but the video is still terrific.

Paige loved it too, and reacted very happily and loudly on Twitter.

Mar 21, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Iowa State Cyclones head coach Fred Hoiberg yells in the second half of a men

What about the big guy? Well, Hoiberg told the DMR that he’s got some rules for Rhoads’ son.

"When asked Thursday at Madison Square Garden about whether he had talked to his coaching colleague about the public prom maneuver, Hoiberg flashed a mischievous smile.“Not yet – but I will, though, believe me,” said Hoiberg, whose teams faces UConn on Friday in the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16. “Tell that kid to keep his hands off.”"

In all seriousness, both kids aren’t actually dating, but it’s a great moment for everyone involved.