March Madness 2014: How much would it cost to watch the Iowa State Cyclones at Madison Square Garden?


Want to see the Iowa State men’s basketball team try and continue to fulfill their dream and play in this weekend’s Sweet 16, and possible Elite 8, matchups? Better hope there’s a lot of extra cash laying around.

Mar 23, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; The Iowa State Cyclones cheerleaders perform in the first half of a men

The Des Moines Register broke some costs down today, but let’s dig a little bit further. Let’s highlight what’s available for Cyclone fans.

In the DMR article, a bundle deal for both games at Madison Square Garden costs between $250 to $1,000 for each ticket. But they don’t really go into the actual details, and that value is closer to the regional final ticket price, not Iowa State’s semifinal game against Connecticut.

Looking at updated totals from Prime Sport for a full session, tickets begin at $805 – each. Suites are available between $54,000 to $67,500. Want a ticket just for the game itself? A package deal still begins at $720 per ticket, for a total of over $2,000 for three people.

Remember, that’s just one game. For those fans that want to watch the East Regional championship, they better buy their tickets now. For each person, they are at a pocket-change value of $270 per ticket, but they can reach all the way to $1,125.

The Iowa State Alumni Association sold a limited package that included a round-trip airflight, two nights at a hotel, an ISAA “pregame event” (whatever that is), an “exclusive” ISU souvenir (hopefully something better than a Georges Niang bobblehead), badges, tags, ticket holder, a hospitality desk, escorts, and all taxes/gratuities for the low, low price of $1,529 per person. That doesn’t include a ticket.

For that price, I hope the pregame event includes an unlimited free bar. But that package still sold out on Monday.

This is why I’m glad I have no problems watching any kind of sporting event locally; at home, with friends, or a bar, instead of buying something that could go toward the entire PlayStation 4 console and game library.