March Madness 2014: FanSided has desktop wallpapers for all Sweet 16 teams


Our friends at Lightly Buzzed has a collection of Sweet 16 wallpapers for all the teams still alive in the 2014 NCAA tournament, created by cartoonist The Bandit Ref.

Here’s the wallpaper for the Iowa State Cyclones:

Bandit Ref’s caption: Cyclone birds go.

Unfortunately, the great bird mascot is no longer in Iowa State’s logo, but this wallpaper makes me miss the good old days. Since mother nature is still being a bitter ***** even though the calendar says she shouldn’t be anymore, I think I’ll put on an old sweatshirt today.

Go check out some of the other work by Bandit Ref. Is Iowa State’s wallpaper your favorite? What are some of the other ones you like best?