Iowa State men’s basketball: Barack Obama picks North Carolina over Cyclones, predictable champion


When it comes to any kind of sporting event, the President of the United States is eager to take time out of his busy day to get involved. An annual tradition he loves to partake in is filling out a bracket with ESPN’s Andy Katz, and it’s about as mundane as any of the experts’ picks.

Dec 22, 2013; Honolulu, HI, USA; US president Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama, along with their children Sasha and Malia, who is not pictured, attend the NCAA basketball game between Oregon State and Akron at the Stan Sheriff Center. Michelle Obama

Dubbed “Barack-etology 2014,” something that comes as close to being as painful to hear as a “Kane is able” reference to DeAndre, Obama went through his bracket on SportsCenter and crowned a champion.

First, we’ll go through his Sweet 16 picks. The Iowa State Cyclones didn’t make his field, instead advancing North Carolina in an upset. Both the Tar Heels and Syracuse Orange are the only seeds lower than a four that Obama moves through. Everything else is straight chalk with all 1, 2, and 4 seeds advancing.

It’s too bad that Obama doesn’t believe Iowa State won’t make it any further than the third round. He went to the Diamond Head Classic during the Christmas Holiday. Perhaps the Cyclones weren’t able to impress him, or he was just there for the thrilling Oregon State-Akron matchup that saw 12 different Beavers score a basket.

After that, all 1 and 2 seeds advance in the South and West regions, but he changes it up in the other two regions. In the East, Obama picks Michigan State and Villanova, and in the Midwest, no 1 or 2 seeds make it with 3-seed Duke and 4-seed Louisville advancing.

Obama’s Final Four ends up being: Florida, Arizona, Michigan State, Louisville. Despite having a couple of 4 seeds among  two 1 seeds, it doesn’t make the end result less boring. Just about every casual fan that knows the traditional basketball colleges could make this bracket.

The final? Last year’s Cardinals succumbs to Sparty, a final score was not given. I couldn’t be deeper into a coma unless I was watching the fourth hour of any Lord of the Rings movie. That makes five ESPN analysts and the president that say Michigan State is going to win a title, and four of those people picked MSU over Louisville.

Now I couldn’t be happier if Iowa State faces Michigan State. With all the love that will surely spread to the public, that means the Spartans will lose at some point. Better luck next year, Tom Izzo.