Iowa State men’s basketball: Jerseys receive an updated look


Photo courtesy of Iowa State Athletics/Cyclone Sidebar

If the Iowa State men’s basketball team wants to succeed this season, they have to look sharp. The athletics department released the new look on Wednesday and in three color variations. They not only look great, but the players love how they feel.

From Cyclones Sidebar:

"According to assistant director of equipment operations Ryan Zluticky, the players will find the shorts are very lightweight and have ventilated slots on the sides that are there to help with keeping them from getting heavy. The weight of the shorts is supposed to be 68% lighter and dry 30% faster than the previous shorts. They also have a fuller hemline for mobility."

Check out the source for all three color variations. Obviously, the golds are pretty sweet, but hopefully the team will play better than they did in the golds last season.

I love the standard look of the basic home and away variations; the Cyclone pattern that ventilates the back of the jersey isn’t distracting. The trend of not having any crazy-looking jerseys fits the persona of this team, and Fred Hoiberg makes sure that’s how this ship is ran even with all kinds of transfers coming in year after year.

What makes the jerseys also unique are the two stripes on the shorts that swoosh at the end. With these additions, they now they can’t be mistaken for that god-awful USC basketball program.