Big 12 football picks: Week three predictions

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Massachusetts at Kansas State – Saturday, 6:00 PM CT

Before UMASS moved into the FBS division, they played a close game against the Wildcats back in 2009. Of course that was also right after the Ron Prince era, which most KSU fans don’t exactly remember fondly. Considering the Minutemen were barely competitive most of last season, it doesn’t look like much will change this season. KSU 43, UMASS 16 (Odds: UMASS +39, O54.5)

Lamar at (11)Oklahoma State – Saturday, 6:30 PM CT

The scandal Sports Illustrated is currently releasing in a five-part series is receiving its own scandalous backlash with one of the reporters working on the story. Today’s feature: drugs are rampant around OSU! Oh no, drugs? On a college campus?! SHUT IT DOWN!! OSU 54, LAMAR 6

Sep 7, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas Jayhawks running back James Sims (29) talks to South Dakota Coyotes head coach Joe Glenn (right) after the game at Memorial Stadium. Kansas won the game 31-14. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas at Rice – Saturday, 6:30 PM CT

Well, the Jayhawks may still be able to pass — South Dakota was atrocious but shined in pass defense ranking 34th nationally a season ago. The key will be how far running back David Sims takes them, and luckily Rice may be a team to showcase him after they gave up over 200 yards to Ohio State on the ground back in week one. KAN 30, RICE 26 (Odds: KU+6.5, O58.5)

(25)Mississippi at Texas – Saturday, 7:00 PM CT

What an abortion clinic that was on the Longhorn’s rush defense. Seriously, 550 yards in one game? That’s like watching three Cyclones games put together. But hey, BYU torched the defense with zone read, so maybe…oh, Ole Miss has TWO quarterbacks ranked in the top three in rushing combining for 40 carries and five touchdowns? And Texas QB David Ash could be out? Hide the kids. MISS 31, Texas 20 (Odds: MISS +3, U65.5)


  • Straight-up: 14-3
  • Against the spread: 4-6
  • Over/under: 6-4