Tyrus McGee Arrested After Stealing Money (UPDATED)


Feb 20, 2013; Waco, TX, USA; Iowa State Cyclones guard Tyrus McGee (25) shoots the ball as Baylor Bears guard Pierre Jackson (55) defends during the second half at the Ferrell Center. Iowa State won 87-82. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Former Iowa State Cyclones’ 3-point specialist and Big 12’s Sixth Man of the Year Award winner Tyrus McGee was arrested on theft charges late Tuesday evening.

Jessica Miller from Ames Patch reports that McGee was caught on camera stealing around $200 from a wallet that was reported missing. The Iowa State University police located the wallet at Hawthorn Market & Cafe, and upon reviewing the video surveillance saw the former basketball star in the act.

McGee admitted to the theft and spent a portion of the money on groceries. The remaining $160 was returned to the police, and McGee has been charged with fourth-degree theft and was taken to the Story County Jail.

He has since been released and posted the following on his Twitter moments ago from the publishing of this blog post.

Indeed, McGee. That’s the only response needed to be said at this point.

Bottom line is that when everybody is young, they do stupid things in their life. All that varies is the seriousness of the stupidity and whether or not the person was caught.

Being a high-profile athlete on campus and getting busted for something this dumb is extremely embarrassing and some people won’t have faith in him after pulling a stunt like this

Luckily, he’s played his last basketball at Iowa State and won’t have to worry about facing discipline with a team.

McGee hasn’t had any other problems on his record, and

hopefully this is just an error in judgement that he will learn from and not repeat.

Let’s be honest, this guy’s too good to be stealing some money from a wallet. He should take his talents to the nearest basketball court and challenge the uneducated at a game of HORSE.

Updated 5:31 PM CT – Perhaps I should have instead said due to being at work, I wasn’t able to check if McGee did anything else dumb. A buddy of mine tipped me another incident that involved both McGee and Quenton Bundrage  of the football team last September. Both of them were charged with buying alcohol for minors.

The charge is a serious misdemeanor. McGee seems to be really unlucky with the law.