Staff Members Revealed in Iowa State’s Summary Disposition Report to NCAA


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Six current and former staff members on the Iowa State Cyclones’ football and men’s basketball teams were given as the university released its report on impermissible phone calls and text messages to the NCAA in all of their sports.

Over 1,400 impermissible calls were made between the years of 2008-2011 by 33 different coaches and staff members, and the following face discipline by the NCAA: current football assistant coaches Shane Burnham and Bill Bleil, former assistant football coaches Luke Wells and Bob Elliot, and former men’s basketball staff members Keith Moore and Daniyal Robinson.

The amount of text messages was not released.

Impermissible calls are any calls that aren’t properly documented, weren’t made at permissible times, and were made right after a separate call.

From a report by the Ames Tribune:

"Thirty-three coaches over all 18 varsity sports at ISU were found to be “considered at-risk for 1,405 impermissible calls” that involved a failure to properly log calls to prospective recruits.ISU identified and acknowledged “a systemic deficiency with regard to the prior standards set by the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions for contemporaneous documentation of telephone calls.”Coaches often failed to properly log phone calls in which they did not contact a recruit or left a message.“The institution’s coaches generally reported a lack of knowledge of the need to log all calls, even calls where no contact occurred or voicemail messages were left,” ISU wrote."

Football had the bulk of impermissible calls with 962. Men’s basketball had 147, track and field had 137, women’s basketball had 55, women’s tennis had 50, wrestling had 33, and others had 21 or less.

It’s interesting that so many people didn’t either understand the rules set forth by the NCAA or simply overlooked them. With how many rules that are given it’d be a surprise if many of these violations happened across the country in all schools.

The investigation began back in spring 2011 when Fred Hoiberg saw Moore “at a basketball event that ‘was contrary to NCAA legislation.'”

Iowa State self-reported the violations back in November 2011 and recommended the NCAA put them on a two-year probation period.

Burnham is currently the defensive tackles coach and Bleil moved to tight ends coach after being the offensive line coach in his first four years. Both staff members were hired back in 2009.

Here’s the complete breakdown of phone call violations sport by sport from the Ames Tribune.