Iowa State vs Iowa: 3 Storylines to Watch


It wasn’t long ago when Iowa fans were heckling ISU on whether the Cyclones would score another touchdown on the Hawkeyes. Back in 2010, a streak of three straight games without a catch in the endzone ended on the heels of a 35-7 blowout in Kinnick Stadium.

How will the Cyclones respond in Kinnick after getting knocked around back in 2010? Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

Two years and six touchdowns later, there’s a different attitude coming into Iowa City this time around. The uncertainty of the Iowa offense and all the pieces that won the game for the Cyclones in double overtime last year are back.

1) Reactions Mixed After One-Point Win Over Northern Illinois

Here’s what some Hawkeye fans are saying after Paul Clark from Cyclones Report predicted a two-score victory for Iowa State (all quotes from Hawkeye Report).

Cygarin – “Iowa hasn’t exactly been expressing consistant ablity to win in the last couple years, and Satuday certainly was not a showcase for expected change.”

weisjef – “You dont just walk into kinnick being ISU and thump them. … We know this Iowa team has a lot of work to do, but there is a ton of season to get better and I think it starts this weekend.”

hawkey2188 – “Iowa’s offense looked stagnant at best last week and I don’t know how much you can improve in one week but that is why they play the games.”

2) Will Shontrelle Johnson Repeat His Century-Mark Performance?

Johnson was having a fantastic 2011 campaign before the season-ending injury against Texas, and this game last year was a jumping point. He carried the rock 18 times for 108 yards, breaking through the defensive line that not many Cyclones have had success against in the past.

Last week, Johnson continued to show his ability to gain yards after contact. Iowa defended the run well outside of keeping Northern Illinois’ QB from scrambling for big yards.

3) Can the Cyclones End Four Straight Losses at Kinnick?

Back in 2002, Iowa State needed some help trailing at the half, and got it by taking advantage of two costly fumbles by quarterback Brad Banks. It was a great moment for Cyclones fans as they got the win in Iowa City and ended Banks’ hopes for a Heisman trophy.

Ultimately, it was the only blemish for the 2002 Hawkeye squad until the 38-17 loss in the Orange Bowl against USC.

Both teams were considered at least one of the best these schools put out on the football field. As of now, it looks like ISU is closer to a better program than Iowa is after the first week of the season.

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