Wrapping Up The NFL Draft For The Iowa State Cyclones


Well that was pretty disappointing weekend for Cyclone fans.  Only one Clone, Kelechi Osemele was drafted as I thought for certain that atleast two ex-ISU players were going to hear their name called.

Anyways, here is a profile I did on Osemele (pretty detailed) for another site that I write for, SideLion Report (Detroit Lions blog).  With all the things that I mentioned, I thought Osemele would go around where he did.  He has great physical traits and versatility that could have made him a first-rounder.

If you were abducted this weekend and didn’t see or hear about the results of the NFL Draft, Kelechi Osemele was taken in the second-round by the Baltimore Ravens.  From what I’ve read, Osemele can be starting at guard in his first year.

After watching Osemele be drafted, I watched the rest of Day 2 and most of Day 3 waiting for Leonard Johnson’s name to be called.  Shockingly, somehow he was never drafted.  According to ESPN, 27 cornerbacks not named Leonard Johnson were taken in the draft this year.  This is extremely bizzare considering most “experts” had Johnson as a top-10 corner.

Throw away the fact that this is a ISU Cyclones blog, but how in the world did that happen?  I know that Johnson had a really slow 40-time at the NFL Combine, but he did make up for it at ISU’s pro day.  Look, I’m not an expert but I follow the NFL Draft a lot more than the average person and I just don’t believe that there are 26 corners better than Leonard Johnson.

Oh well, I read that Johnson was ranked as the top Undrafted Free Agent.  He eventually signed with the Bucs after the draft was over with.  I think that is a great fit for Johnson considering the Bucs didn’t get who everyone thought they would get in CB Morris Claiborne.  Even though the Bucs signed Eric Wright, they still need help at the position.  They spent a late round pick on a corner from West Virginia and that was it.  Don’t be surprised if you see Leonard Johnson playing a lot this year.

Besides Leonard Johnson, other Cyclones signed with NFL teams.  Darius Reynolds signed with the Packers and Hayworth Hicks, who I thought actually had a chance of being drafted, signed with the Colts.  Also, according to Ter’Ran Benton, he is looking at the best potential fit before signing with a team.  I wish them all the best and hopefully they can become productive players.