News and Thoughts Regarding the Iowa State Cyclones


Sorry, I’ve been slacking on this site lately as I haven’t posted in about a week.  Don’t expect me to be as active as I have been due to being in the offseason and there won’t be a whole lot to talk about.  However, I’m still going to cover news and updates, just not daily.  I’ll still try to be as active on Twitter, probably talking too much about playoff hockey and how bad my White Sox are.

Where to begin…

–  First, I’ll admit, I only attended the first half of the Spring Game.  Nothing newsworthy really happened.  It is more difficult to pay attention to every detail, mostly because you have to watch both sides of the ball.  The only thing I was really watching, like many others, was the quarterbacks.  Neither Steele Jantz or Jared Barnett put themselves in front of the other.  I thought both QBs struggled, but I’ve heard it isn’t indicative of how these practices went for them and it sounds like it was just a bad day.  Barnett was 11 for 21 while Jantz was 16-28.  They combined to throw three picks including one by Barnett that was returned all the way by A.J. Klein.

–  Offensive highlight in the Spring Game:  Steele’s 56-yard pass to Josh Lenz.

–  Defensive highlight:  A.J. Klein’s 94-yard return while carrying James White on his back for the last 5.

–  I came away most impressed by Sam Richardson.  He ended the day 14 for 24.  He must have had a bad second half because I thought he was more accurate than that in the time I watched him.

–  Was it bad offense or good defense in the Spring Game?  Paul Rhoads said the defense was responsible for the interceptions, but I don’t know, they weren’t good passes.  Anyways, the defense looked pretty good.  The defensive line put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks.  For supposedly being the weak spot on the team, I thought they were pretty good on Saturday.

–  5,000 fans showed up.  I thought it was more than that.  The majority of the east lower deck was filled.

–  Okay, there was my brief recap of the game.  Albert Gary pleaded guilty to first-degree theft and going armed with intent.

–  Last football note, Iowa State is still without a 2013 commitment.  Iowa State and West Virginia are the only two Big 12 teams without a recruit.  Take it for what it’s worth.

–  You’ve probably heard, the 2011 “Mr. Basketball” in Iowa, Jarrod Uthoff is wanting to transfer.  No big deal right?  Well Wisconsin has denied him to be able to talk to a list of school.  Guess who is on that list…

From an article from ESPN:

"The 6-8 forward told an Iowa-based high school sports website,, that Badgers coach Bo Ryan has placed every Big Ten and ACC school, plus Iowa State and Marquette, on the list of schools that can’t contact him. According to the site, Uthoff said he would consider making an appeal to the NCAA if his appeals to Wisconsin don’t work."

What the hell, Bo?  We don’t play Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin team, so I really, really don’t understand why he is blocking him from talking to us.  Come on Bo, you’re better than that, let the kid go.

Well that’s all for now.