Breaking Down the Box Score: Baylor


Due to a crappy internet connection, I wasn’t able to follow the entire game tonight.  I was able to watch around half of the game, so I don’t have the power to fully analyze the game like I usually do.  Instead, I’ll break down some telling statistics from tonight’s game.

1.)  When I was watching the game, Royce White was having a tough game.  Royce has been the star for the Cyclones this year, but that couldn’t be said tonight.  White committed 7 turnovers as you can see.  With bringing the ball up as a big, you can expect some turnovers but not 7.  Royce had 7 TOs, the entire Baylor team only turned it over 8 times.  Bad games are going to happen, expect Royce to bounce back against Oklahoma.

2.)  Just look at Melvin Ejim’s stats for tonight.  Great game, definitely the player of the game for the Cyclones.  He led the Cyclones (or was tied for first) in every major statistic tonight for ISU.

3.)  Chris Allen’s streak of great games came to an abrupt end tonight.  You can see that Allen went 1 for 10 including 1 for 7 from behind the arc.  Tough day.

4.)  Percy Gibson gave the Cyclones a nice game coming off the bench.  He made all four of his shots and ended with 9 points.  Gibson and Ejim were about the only good things going for the Cyclones tonight.

5.)  The Cyclones didn’t shoot the ball well which was a key coming into the game because of the length down low for the Bears.  The Cyclones shot almost 16% worse than Baylor tonight.  Don’t expect to win many games doing that.

6.)  This stat stood out to me.  The Cyclones had 12 offensive rebounds which was 7 more than Baylor.  However, the Cyclones couldn’t turn those into points.  The rebounds helped give the Cyclones 4 more shots than Baylor, yet ISU still lost by 15.

7.)  Perry Jones and Quincy Miller were both really efficient on offense tonight.  I know that some of their shots came off dunks/bunnies.  Still, when you have two players going 8 of 13, you can expect good things.  Their efficiency is a large reason they won by 15 even when they had less shots.

8.)  Again, this stats shows how efficient the Bears were.  Baylor shot an incredible 72% in the second half.

9.)  24 assists compared to ISU’s 18 shows a little bit of how good Baylor’s shots were.

10.)  Although the Bears were outrebounded, PJ3’s length allowed him to haul in 7 boards.

11.)  In my opinion, the best point guard is one that can facilitate for others.  And that is what Pierre Jackson did for Baylor tonight.