Updates on West Virginia’s Transition to the Big 12


The battle between the Big East and West Virginia is one big mess.  Mediation between the two parties is set to end on February 9th.  Although it isn’t a guarantee, there may be an announcement on the settlement on that date.

Last week, the Mountaineers cancelled their game with Florida State in the upcoming season.  The reason why?  To make room for the 9-game Big 12 schedule.  For West Virginia, the cost of dropping the game is $350,000 dollars out of their pocket.

The Big 12 schedule was due  last week and with West Virginia still in the Big East, were worried about how WVU would get in after the deadline for the schedule.  However, NBC Sports reported that the Big 12 did indeed turn in their schedule (maybe turned in two schedules; one with and one without West Virginia).

"Today was the deadline for the Big 12 to release its schedule for 2012 per its contract with its television partners. The conference has reportedly submitted a schedule, but it likely won’t be made public until some time next week as the Feb. 9 status conference draws close."

It seams that the West Virginia eventually end up playing in the Big 12 next year.  The Big East may lose West Virginia, but they will make them pay lots and lots of money for it.  It has been reported that WVU will have to pay the Big East a lot more than the $5 million dollar exit fee.  Currently, West Virginia University’s Athletic Department doesn’t have the money and funds to pay the fees.  Interim Chuck Neinas hinted towards the other Big 12 schools chipping in and helping WVU pay their fees to the Big East.  Here is what Neinas had to say in an article:

"“The Big 12 Conference would talk with WVU about it,” Neinas said. “It would be an internal matter for our Board of Directors to determine. If West Virginia makes a request, we’ll take it to the board.”"

Today, news is coming out that Memphis is close to joining the Big East in 2013.  This may indicate towards the Big 12 adding Louisville and another school like Cincinnati.  If Louisville and Cincy are leaving for the Big 12, don’t expect them to be playing in the conference for next year.

In ending, you can tell from above that the mess that West Virginia and the Big East are in is quite large.  The Big East is turning into a “mid-major all-star conference”.  They are losing some talent in football (and it makes you wonder if there is a possibility of losing their AQ status), but can you imagine Big East basketball now?  I love that WVU is coming to the Big 12, but part of me feels bad for the Big East.