Ranking Iowa State’s Remaining Schedule


I don’t think that many people, after the poor play by ISU in the non-conference schedule, would think that the same team would be having this amount of success in the Big 12.  If you missed it last night, Mizzou topped Kansas.  That means that Iowa State is now only one game out of first place in the Big 12.  It is possible that the Cyclones may just end up winning the Big 12, but they have some very tough games left in the schedule.  Below, I’ll rank the rest of Iowa State’s schedule from the easiest to hardest game.

vs Texas Tech (Feb 22) – Texas Tech is really, really bad.  The Cyclones dominated the Red Raiders on the road and there is absolutely no reason they should even be in a close game against Tech at Hilton.  If Iowa State manages to lose this game, I may jump off a bridge.

vs Texas A&M (Feb 11) – Last time these two teams played, Iowa State beat the Aggies by 24 on A&M’s own court.  A&M is only 3-7 in the Big 12, but they are good enough to make this a game.  If Texas A&M does indeed win, I will be shocked.

vs Oklahoma (Feb 18) – Oklahoma almost got Iowa State yesterday in Norman.  This game will be at Hilton so the Cyclones will undoubtedly be the favorite to win.  Oklahoma, like A&M, does have enough to win this road game.  I doubt it happens, I give Oklahoma a 20% to win.

After this point comes the tough games.

at Oklahoma State (Feb 7) – This game scares me.  Oklahoma State has been playing some decent basketball lately and it took a banked in 3 by Scott Christopherson the first time.  Oklahoma State beat Mizzou at Gallagher-Iba.  Oklahoma State has lost some bad games at home, but I still don’t know about this one.

at Kansas State (Feb 25) – K-State is 5-5 (surprised they lost to OU twice) and as you know, it took a last second shot to beat the Wildcats at home.  Earlier this year, Kansas State beat undefeated Baylor in Manhattan.  This game is a toss up.

 vs Baylor (Mar 3) – With Iowa State not yet playing Baylor, I don’t know what to expect from this game.  If ISU can beat Kansas at home, they should be able to beat Baylor at home.  I think Baylor is the weakest between the top teams in the Big 12.  I’ll give Iowa State a 45% chance to win this one.

at Baylor (Feb 13) – Baylor is undefeated at home.  That isn’t good news.  The Bears should win this game.

at Mizzou (Feb 29) – If you didn’t see the MU-KU game yesterday, Columbia was rocking.  It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever seen for a basketball game.  Out of all games, I think this is the most likely game that Iowa State will lose (although I doubt they get blown out).