Wrapping Up Iowa State’s National Signing Day


Iowa State’s National Signing Day was over with before 10:00 today.  Paul Rhoads and company signed 18 players today this morning.  There was barely any drama or confusion this year as it went smoothly.

Iowa State got basically everyone they were projected to get.  Coming into Signing Day, there were three recruits whose statuses weren’t certain (Damien Lawry, D’Vario Montgomery, and Gary Simon).  Lawry kept his commitment to Iowa State.  D’Vario Montgomery kept his word with South Florida.  Lastly, Gary Simon chose Oklahoma over Iowa State.  The most drama in the day came with Gary Simon because his name was taken down from Oklahoma’s website, but was later restored.

In the class, Iowa State signed 16 3-star recruits (according to Rivals.com) and 5 2-star recruits.  Rivals.com put Iowa State’s class last in the Big 12, but I wouldn’t worry.  Iowa State had a small amount of recruits this year because this year’s senior class was small.

At today’s press conference, Paul Rhoads talked about this year’s recruiting class.  However, he also talked about players who were no longer with the program.  The two most notable losses were RB Duran Hollis and WR Teddy Lampkin.  We’ll talk more about this sometime later.

You can see the list of Iowa State’s recruits and profiles for some (I’ll get working on finishing the rest of the players) on ClonesConfidential.com’s “The Big Board”, which can be found here.

Only 364 days until next year’s Signing Day.

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