University of Oklahoma Close to Finalizing “Sooner Network”


Remember when Oklahoma fans were furious about the Texas Longhorns getting their own TV network?  They are about to get their revenge.  According to reports, the University of Oklahoma is close to finalizing their own sports network that will be named either the Sooner Network or Oklahoma Network.  The deal is with Fox Sports Southwest and Fox Sports Oklahoma.

The new network will be similar to the Longhorn Network, as the Sooner Network (what I’m calling it now) will show over 1000 hours of “OU Network-branded programming”.  The programming will include at least one live football game and several basketball games (both men’s and women’s).

The deal isn’t as valuable (shorter length and less money), but does have an edge on Longhorn Network.  The Longhorn Network isn’t very accessible and hasn’t been picked up by the major cable and satellite operators.  The Sooner Network will have a much larger distribution as Fox Sports will completely distribute the network over FS Southwest and FS Oklahoma immediately.  The Sooner Network is estimated to be available to over double the amount of houses than LHN.  Instead of watching LHN, many more Texans will have the ability to watch the Sooner Network instead.

In my opinion, this is an absolutely great move by Oklahoma.  I know that they won’t rake in as much money, but they are able to market their brand over a much larger area now.  It is funny how Oklahoma sticks it to Texas and the Longhorn Network.  However, I still wish that the Big 12 conference as a whole could make their own network.

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