Messingham Promoted to Offensive Coordinator


Courtney Messingham, last year’s WR coach, has been promoted to the offensive coordinator.  Messingham will replace Tom Herman, who left to become to offensive coordinator at Ohio State.  Before coaching wide receivers last year, Messingham spent the previous two years coaching tight ends.  As the tight end coach, Messingham coached second team All-Big 12 TE, Collin Franklin.  Franklin finished last year with 54 catches and 3 touchdowns.

Here is what Messingham said (via

"I appreciate Paul Rhoads giving me this opportunity,” Messingham said. “This Iowa State football program is on the rise, and I’m fortunate to be a part of it. We have already started getting ready for the 2012 season.”"

Besides coaching the wideouts, Messingham was in charge of both the kick return and punt coverage teams.  Jarvis West excelled this year bringing back to kickoffs.  Kirby Van Der Kamp and the rest of the punt coverage team had a great year that included numerous successful fake punts.

When I first heard this news, I was a little disappointed that Paul Rhoads couldn’t find a more attractive name.  After thinking it over, I like that Paul Rhoads promoted and kept it in the system.  The young receivers like Albert Gary and Jarvis West will be used to his coaching.  By promoting from the inside instead of going outside, Paul Rhoads is slowly starting to build his own coaching tree.

I know some of you are disappointed that Paul Rhoads couldn’t bring in a bigger name.  However, we should put our trust in Paul Rhoads and be confident that he made the right decision.

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