The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Kansas State


The Good

– Jeff Woody had another good game.  The sophomore RB rushed for 85 yards on 23 carries including 2 TDs.  Iowa State, as a whole, ran the ball very well yesterday.  The Cyclones had more yards on the ground (207) than Kansas State.

– Jeremy Reeves had a great game yesterday.  Reeves completely shut down Chris Harper, Kansas State’s leading receiver.  Harper, who has had six inches on Reeves, didn’t catch a single pass.  On one K-State drive, Klein went to Harper on back-to-back plays in the endzone.  Both times, Reeves was able to knock down the ball.

– The Cyclones had a relatively low amount of penalties (4 for 30 yards).

– Kirby Van Der Kamp did it again.  On a 4th-and-8, KVDK picked up the first down with his legs on the fake punt.  Kirby looked like an experienced runner, waiting for his lineman to get their blocks and even broke a tackle.  This play, was one of my favorites of the year.

The Bad

– Although it wasn’t as bad as other games, the Cyclones still lost the turnover battle (I know the last one was on the last play).  Besides the last play, the other came on a interception that went right through the hands of Reynolds.  The Cyclones didn’t have any takeaways either.

– The Cyclones stalled many times on their drives.  The Clones were able to get into K-State territory in each of the first five drives but could only muster up 13 points.  Iowa State could have put a lot of pressure on the Wildcats early but they weren’t able to turn the drives into points.

The Ugly

– Iowa State could have won the game if they would have finished some of their tackles.  It ended up being the difference.  Many times Iowa State got to Klein, but he was able to break many of the tackles and get a lot of extra yardage.  Even Jake Knott, arguably the best tackler in the Big 12, missed on some.