Oklahoma State-Iowa State Q&A With Sea Of Orange


Earlier this week I asked Cowboy10 from SeaOfOrange.com some questions dealing with the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the game tonight.  If you want more knowledge and insight on the Cowboys for the game, I highly recommend checking out Sea Of Orange.

Coming into the season, Oklahoma State was ranked around 7th. Did you ever think that the Cowboys would be having the season they currently are?

Three short months ago I believed the Cowboys had a chance to be special, but I didn’t expect us to be in the place we are now. First, our away schedule looked brutal—especially that road trip in College Station. I had a hard time believing that the Pokes would come away unscathed and without at least one loss. Secondly, I didn’t expect the teams in front of us to drop out so fast. Oregon, Florida State, Boise State, Stanford, Texas A&M, Alabama, and Oklahoma were all ranked in front of the Cowboys in the AP. Each team has at least one loss now. There are some on that list that have fallen off the college football map completely. Lastly, I was concerned about the offense (yes, I know, I know). You have to remember that we lost an All-American Tailback in Kendall Hunter and Dana Holgorsen left for better hotel rates in Morgantown. I thought the new offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, would do a good job. I just didn’t think he would make us all forget about Holgorsen. Monken has done outstanding…and our wins show that.

We hear a lot about the passing attack of the Pokes. Brandon Weeden is getting a lot of national exposure now and Justin Blackmon is the best receiver in the nation right now. What makes OSU’s passing game so effective?

The depth. While Weeden and Blackmon get the most attention, its Oklahoma State’s depth in the passing game that makes it so lethal. OSU has nine receivers that have double-digit receptions this season. It has eight receivers that have over 200 yards on the season. Blackmon is the marquee player and opposing defenses have tried to limit his game. But that means that the other receivers are open. Additionally, Joseph Randle is able to motion out of the backfield and catch. He has 32 receptions for 204 yards this year. If Blackmon is covered, Josh Cooper or Tracy Moore are going to have a chance to make a play. OSU’s depth at receiver makes it effective.

If there is a chink in Oklahoma State’s armor, where is it?

The shootout against Kansas State exposed Oklahoma State’s weakness. OSU’s rushing defense has had issues off and on this season. The game against the Wildcats showed why the Cowboys have the sixth ranked rushing defense in the Big 12 in giving up 1861 yards on 424 attempts on the season.

Besides the stars (Blackmon, Weeden, Cooper, Randle), who is a player that Iowa State fans should keep an eye on?

Justin Gilbert, #4. While just a sophomore this year, Gilbert has improved remarkably at the cornerback position. During his freshman year his main role was contributing on special teams. In his short career, he has returned four kickoffs for touchdowns. This season, Gilbert has continued to return kickoffs with Josh Stewart and has also made a huge impact as a starter on the defense. He has had three interceptions returned for 57 yards. Keep an eye on #4 on kickoffs and in the secondary.

Oklahoma State will be playing for a national title if they win out. Not a lot of national media seem to be giving the Cowboys a chance against LSU. I personally think they would beat the Bayou Bengals, do you?

Well, before we even get the opportunity to play LSU, we must get past OU. I realize what is at stake if the Pokes win out, and it is definitely exciting. However, the last time OSU beat the Sooners was in 2002 (Brandon Weeden was only 19). We have to get past Bedlam before I get too excited. I think the Cowboys match up well against OU this year considering their recent rash of injuries. If the Cowboys do indeed beat the Sooners this year, it will be a toss-up in New Orleans. LSU is #1 for a reason. OSU will need a few breaks to have a chance to win. Fortunately, that is what the defense has been doing all season. The Cowboys lead the nation in forced turnovers. If they stick to their bread and butter, they have a chance to beat LSU.

Finally, what is your prediction to Friday’s game?

This game has all the makings of a trap game. For any other team, it would be very easy to get caught looking ahead to the December 3rd showdown against OU. However, if there is one word that describes this team is “consistent”. Mike Gundy has done a phenomenal job keeping this team focused on the game in front of them. 48-21, Cowboys.

Best of luck and have fun at the game! Go Pokes!