Player and Play of the Week: Kansas


Player of the Game – Zach Guyer

Guyer made two huge field goals against KU yesterday.  His first FG was a 32-yarder that put the Clones up 3-0 in the first quarter.  The second ended up being the game-winning points.  It came with 4:30 left in the game and Guyer drilled a 42-yarder that put ISU in the lead, 13-10.

Zach Guyer is a senior but this year is his first season where he is seeing a lot of action.  Earlier in the season, the Cyclones were having problems making field goals and even extra points.  With Zach Guyer becoming the full-time kicker, he has done a solid job.  He hasn’t missed a field goal in the last four games and is 21 for 21 on PATs.

Player of the Game – Aaron Horne’s 18-yard TD Run 

The play was a reverse to Horne and it ended up being ISU’s only touchdown on a game.  It looked like Horne was going to be stopped for a small gain but he came out of a pile of Jayhawks.  I counted that six KU defenders touched him on the way to the endzone.  Even Jared Barnett had a role in the play as he threw a block for Horne.