Scouting Robert Griffin III

Baylor’s QB, Robert Griffin III (

On Saturday the Cyclones will face the best quarterback all year in Robert Griffin III (RGIII).  Just take a look at RGIII’s stats and your jaw will drop.  His 230.3 QB Rating and 18 touchdown passes lead the nation.  Entering last week’s game, he had more touchdown passes than incompletions.  Even after the loss last week against Kansas State, he only has two more incompletions than touchdowns.

Robert Griffin III reminds me a little bit of Cam Newton last year.  They are both threats with their feet and precision passing.  Cam Newton is stronger than RGIII but RGIII is faster than Newton.  On his way to the National Championship, Newton put up some good numbers.  However, they don’t even come close to RGIII’s.  So far on the season, RGIII has completed 93 out of 113 passes for 1308 yards, and has thrown for 18 TDs compared to one interception.

After high school, RGIII was a semifinalist in the 400 hurdles at the Olympic Trials.  This is a testament to RGIII’s pure athleticism.  Sometimes QBs with speed sometimes aren’t the best passers.  This isn’t the case for Griffin III.  He can beat you on the ground or through the air.  What really makes him dangerous is his ability to throw on the run.

RGIII has almost everything you want in a QB.  Besides his speed, arm, and all-around athleticism, RGIII is also a great student.  In three years, he finished his degree in Political Sciences and is now working on his master’s in communications.  Teammates often praise RGIII’s leadership on the field.

Here is a highlight video: