RUMOR: BYU Accepts Big 12 Offer


Rumors have been flying around Twitter this afternoon that BYU has accepted an offer to join the Big 12.  BYU has been a favorite to join as the tenth member of the conference according to many reports.  BYU is currently in its first year as an independent after leaving the Mountain West Conference.  The announcement may come as early as Saturday.

Here are some tweets from today:

BYU to the Big 12 makes sense.  They have been successful over the past years and have a lot of tradition.  They also have a pretty large, loyal fan base.  I would rather see TCU join the conference but BYU is still a good choice.

Another rumor has surfaced today that has Cincinnati, TCU, West Virginia, Louisville, and BYU all are joining the Big 12.  That would make 14 teams in the Big 12.  I can believe this BYU rumor I mentioned earlier but I’m not buying this one.  When the Big 12 expands, I doubt it will want to expand so quickly with 5 teams.

Anyways, what do you think?  Is BYU a good choice for the Big 12 or not?  Leave a comment below.