The Texas Two-Step: Case McCoy and David Ash

Case McCoy (

As you probably know by now, the starting quarterback in the beginning of the season Garrett Gilbert is out for the season.  He went 5-7 last year at Texas and got off to a sluggish performance this year.  He was benched against BYU and now will have season-ending surgery (not that he wouldn’t have played anyways).  The benching of Gilbert gave way to two promising young QBs in Case McCoy and David Ash who led the Horns back from a 14-point deficit.

Case McCoy is the younger brother of ex-Longhorn great Colt McCoy.  Case came out of high school as a three-star recruit and had other offers from A&M, Auburn, Colorado State, and Arizona.  So far this year, McCoy has completed 19 out of 25 for 225 yards and 2 TDs.  That is a QB or rating of 178.0 which is phenomenal.  McCoy is the main quarterback as he gets a lot more playing time.  He is also the better thrower between the two.

David Ash is much more of an athlete and runner.  Ash is 6-3, 215 and not that fast but he is still effective at running the ball.  Ash also came out of high school last year as a three-star recruit.  Ash has a limited package of around 5 plays that he is used with.  One of the plays is in a wildcat formation.  So far on the year, Ash has only missed on one of his seven passes.  He has also ran for 33 yards on 11 carries in the past two games.  Look for the Horns to mix it up with putting Ash in for some plays throughout the game on Saturday.  Iowa State has struggled with mobile quarterbacks (UNI, UCONN) and although Ash isn’t the fastest he is still a good runner.

David Ash (