Big 12 Power Rankings


1. Oklahoma – The Sooners keep on rolling.
2. Oklahoma State – Big comeback win against Oklahoma State last Saturday.
3. Baylor – RG3 continues his Heisman campaign with brilliant performances.
4. Texas A&M – Heart breaking loss against OSU but still a good team.
5. Texas – The Horns look to be improved with Case McCoy now getting most of the snaps.
6. Missouri – I know they lost against the Sooners but they did enough in that game to stay ahead of the other teams.
7. Iowa State – We will find out a lot about this team after Saturday’s game.  If they win, they’ll be ranked for the first time in a long time.
8. Kansas State – Big and impressive win in Miami last week.
9. Texas Tech – Struggled against Nevada at home and had to comeback to win in the final seconds.  Still a good team and will be fighting for a bowl game throughout the year.
10. Kansas – Had a week to recover from the beating they took in Atlanta against Georgia Tech 2 weeks back.