Pac 12 Won’t Expand


I’ve been trying to avoid the topic of conference realignment because of the negative effect it would have on Iowa State athletics.  However, tonight Larry Scott and other members of the Pac 12 announced that it will not expand.  Big 12 teams like Oklahoma and Texas were looking to join the conference.  The result of them leaving the Big 12 would have eventually led to the demise of the current Big 12.  The loss of the Big 12 could have been catastrophic for Iowa State athletics.  They would lose their current TV deal with the Big 12 and would most likely would end up in debt.

Commissioner Larry Scott:

"“After careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference,” Scott said in a statement. “While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture of equality that we are committed to preserve. With new landmark TV agreements and plans to launch our innovative television networks, we are going to focus solely on these great assets, our strong heritage and the bright future in front of us.”"

If the Big 12 is going to stay, changes will need to be made.  This whole fuss is a result of Texas’s Longhorn Network.  The future of the network is in question as most schools believe it is unfair.  Dan Beebe’s (Big 12 commissioner) future is also uncertain.  Oklahoma was considering to stay if Dan Beebe left according to rumors.  With this new announcement, Oklahoma may have nowhere else to go.