Iowa State to Wear All-White Unifroms on Friday?


If you are following Jacques Washington (@Quesy2time), then you probably have already heard the rumors that the Clones will be wearing all-white uniforms against UCONN.  Here is what Jacques Washington has posted on his Twitter account:

Sept. 11

"No perkin them all white uniforms gonna look good on ESPN Friday night"

"I’m not positive if those white uni’s were supposed to be a secret or not so don’t tell nobody haha"

Shontrelle Johnson (@_ShonJohn) added this on the same day.

"“But eyy, cyclones about to make it #SNOW this Friday ” Grab a seat"

Supposedly they will stick with the regular, red helmets on Friday.  I find that hard to believe as this mysterious picture found it’s way to the internet over the offseason.

In my opinion, that helmet looks pretty dang sharp.  I’m usually not a fan of teams changing their uniforms every game but doing it once each year is pretty cool.  Last year against Mizzou, the Clones wore gold jerseys which looked awesome.  As long as the Cyclones win, I’ll be happy.