Quick Recap of Iowa Game


The Good

 It starts with Steele Jantz.  Jantz quieted all doubters after yesterday’s incredible performance.  Steele completed 25 out of 37 passes for 279 yards and 4 touchdowns.  The thing I noticed most at the game was his ability to feel the pressure from the Hawkeyes and escape it.  He ran out of the pocket at the right times and stepped up in the pocket at the right times.  When the game was on the line, Steele Jantz was ice cold.  The guy is magical.

– The offensive line’s performance was 180 degrees from last week’s.  An other thing I noticed was how the receivers blocked.  They were making and holding blocks downfield which made a big difference.

– Matt Tau’fo’ou’s performance was outstanding.

– Shontrelle Johnson ran for 108 yards on 18 carries.  He was shifty and juked out many Hawkeye defenders.

– Josh Lenz returned 4 kicks for 119 yards.  Also, Johnson added a return for 40 yards.  This is the biggest reason that the Cyclones won.

– I was celebrating the Cyclone win and I happened to turn around to the scoreboard.  I watched Paul Rhoads celebrating with anyone by the band in the north endzone.  The guy’s passion and enthusiasm after the game was the highlight of the day for me personally.

The Bad

– Turnovers and penalties.  The Cyclones would have won in regulation in regulation by a couple scores without them.  In my prediction, I wrote the Clones couldn’t afford to beat themselves.  After two turnovers in the redzone, I thought the game was over but the Cyclones proved me wrong, again.  Anyways, it was more exciting in OT, right?