Oct 26, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Baylor Bears quarterback Seth Russell (17) fumbles the ball against Kansas Jayhawks linebacker Victor Simmons (27) and safety Dexter Linton (23) in the second half at Memorial Stadium. Baylor won 59-14. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

BCS rankings reaction: Baylor Bears could leapfrog Ohio State Buckeyes

The Baylor Bears are positioned at sixth in the latest BCS standings, with the top five being Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, and Stanford in order. While they don’t control their own destiny, they could break the top five and even pass the best team in the Big Ten.

Baylor still has the meat of their schedule left and play in all five of the final regular season weeks. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are ranked in the top 15, Texas Tech still lingers in the top 25, and it’s only a matter of time before Texas gets ranked with how they continue to rise.What do the Buckeyes have left? Illinois and Indiana that combine for a 6-10 record, Michigan who’s become freshly unranked after a blowout against Michigan State, and possibly the Spartans in the Big Ten championship game.

If both teams win out, that’s enough for Baylor to leapfrog Ohio State because the computer rankings will catch up and they’ve already won the human voters over at fifth place. With the Buckeyes schedule being so bad, they could finish the season undefeated and finish sixth if Stanford knocks out Oregon in a close game and everyone else wins out.

Life is unfair for Ohio State, but that’s the price you pay for a conference that just simply doesn’t have any depth.

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  • Greg

    Baylor doesn’t have any better schedule than the other top 10 teams.
    Opponents record so far is 28-31. What makes them better than Ohio State? 35-40.
    Teams are not in control of how their opponents will do every year. Schedules are made out years in advance. Till there is a true Playoff format, figuring the best team will never be right.

    Any team can win on any given day. Upsets happen every week.

    • Brian Spaen

      Baylor does have a better schedule than Ohio State when you look at the entirety of it. If the Bears win out, they would leapfrog the Buckeyes because there is a tougher slate ahead of them as I pointed out.

      I don’t know what the rest of your comment was getting at.

      • Greg

        Simply put, I don’t think Baylor is a better team than OSU. And just because they have
        a little harder schedule certainly doesn’t make them a better team.
        No matter how hard or easy a schedule is, and team can get beat by a lesser opponent.
        Too much emphasis is put on a teams schedule strength. There is no way of knowing how
        good a team will be from one year to the next. This is why I say a different format should be used to rank teams. Without a fair playoff format, one can’t just assume a team is the best simply because of their schedule.

        • Brian Spaen

          If Baylor wins out they may not be better than Ohio State, but because strength of schedule is one of the only things we have to compare such a big pool of teams, they would be ranked higher. This is why Northern Illinois and Fresno State aren’t getting a sniff of the national title game even if they go undefeated and multiple teams topple at the top.

          What would be your format to rank teams?