Oct 3, 2013; Ames, IA, USA; Iowa State Cyclones coach Paul Rhoads screams at the officials during their game against the Texas Longhorns at Jack Trice Stadium. Texas beat Iowa State 31-30. Mandatory Credit: Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12 releases statement on controversial plays in Iowa State-Texas game

The Big 12 has reviewed the controversial plays that took place in the Iowa State Cyclones’ game against the Texas Longhorns and has released an official statement. None of this will go over well with players, coaches, or fans.

Big 12 Supervisor of Football Officials Walt Anderson said in the statement that the officials made the right call in not overturning the fumble by Johnathan Gray that Jeremiah George picked up near the goal line at the end of the game.

[The Replay Official] correctly determined there was no indisputable video evidence to confirm that either the ruling on the field was correct, or that the ball was loose prior to the runner being down. By rule when there is not indisputable video evidence to confirm or change the call on the field, the ruling stands.

My reaction? Cue up Ed from Good Burger: “Uhh…no.”

Take a look at the GIF, courtesy of SB Nation, that gives us the best angle on the fumble. Blow up the zoom to 200 percent if needed.


There’s no inconceivable way that George took the ball and started his scamper back to the other side of the field in the time that elapsed after Gray’s knee was down. George was even pulling away from Gray with the ball as the running back’s knee hit the ground.

Here’s what Anderson said on the absolutely ridiculous tackle by Texas wide receiver Mike Davis on Deon Broomfield:

The play involving Mr. Davis is being addressed in accord with the Conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policy. (Big 12)

Well, Iowa State Daily has that for us, and I’d bet that Paul Rhoads’ reaction after the game will get him in trouble more than Davis will, even though that stupid of a move could have injured Broomfield.

I understand the reason why officials can’t be shunned, and that’s thanks to fans that always blame the refs more than the play of their own team. But when they should be criticized, especially in this situation, it should go without punishment.

The only thing said that should be noted is on reviewing forward progress:

Had the ruling on the field been forward progress, the play would not be reviewable because the goal line was not involved. (Big 12)

I was wrong in my angle I had on the game, as I said it could be reviewed for forward progress — the goal line was not directly involved and I thought it just needed to be close to it.

Going back to the bad call, this line toward the end of the release just gets the blood going:

The conference would acknowledge in this unique situation if a mistake were made, but we do not have the video evidence to prove that one occurred. (Big 12)

Oh really? I disagree, because there is 100 percent clear evidence right here.

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