Korie Lucious, like Kevin Young, got beat down badly by Chris Babb. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Babb Brings His Defense On Twitter

Since the early third round games in the tournament were all nearly unwatchable, Twitter was the main source of entertainment for my Saturday afternoon. Everyone was either praising the Michigan schools or bitching about the games, but Iowa State players once again saved the day.

First, if you aren’t following the Iowa State men’s basketball team on Twitter, you should do yourself a favor and do so.

Korie Lucious took us into his personal life and revealed that even though he’s one of the studs on the basketball team, nothing he’s found has translated into a relationship.

That’s rough, bro. 90 percent of us guys have been through rough patches like that. The single life can be thrilling, exciting, and nothing ties you down, but it can also be hard and make people crazy after a while.

But Chris Babb, one of the most underrated defenders in college basketball, wasn’t having any of it.

Once you get past the double negative, you realize that Babb is indeed correct. Twitter shouldn’t be a place to air out your emotions like some 16-year-old high school girl that got rejected by the quarterback of the football team.

Lucious, however, didn’t back down.

Babb then brought out his defense, and just like on the basketball court, dominated his opponent. Lucious didn’t have a chance.

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